Pierre Verrier is a designer, front-end developer and crafter of fine beverages. Solve problems first, fire up the BBQ after.


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Pierre Verrier

I'm lucky enough to be in an industry that is experiencing exponential growth. I feel very fortunate to be doing what I love for a living. As new as I am to life, I feel as though solving problems is something that I've always done. Now I'm able to wield that ability in return for some compensation.

I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba but moved when I was a wee lad to Victoria, British-Columbia. I accrued a passion for all things wild: the ocean, the trees, the wildlife, and the vast greenery. I started off in the hardware world, installing squirrel servers for restaurants. Transitioning over time to front-end development as I loved seeing changes take place in a flash. This brought me into the realm of all things design. Since then I strive to do my research, learn what I can, improve the system, move on to the next problem, repeat.

Being a designer is an honour and a privilege. There is no greater feeling than helping a client & seeing your work in the wild. If we can make the world a little better, even if sometimes it's on the microscopic level, it stays with you for the journey.

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